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4 Things to Avoid While Designing ID Cards

ID cards are important everywhere. Schools, government organizations, workplaces, sports clubs, etc., all require ID cards for entry.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind while designing these ID cards. You have to know all the information that you want to display on them, the color scheme you’re going to use, the font, and most importantly where you are going to place everything.

But, there are also certain things you want to avoid while designing ID cards, in order to get maximum effect and utility. Here are a few pointers:

1. Avoid Using Flat Colors

Flat designs have become quite popular these days, among designers. However, using flat colors for flat designs on ID cards, shows wear on the badges more quickly. Adding a little texture and using multiple colors, however, will help make your badges look newer for longer, even with the flat design.

2. Avoid Using Dark Colors

It is true that dark colors contrast better. However, ID cards- particularly employee ID cards- need to look pleasing, and dark colors may be irritating to the eye, especially when seen from afar. Using brighter and lighter colors makes for a better viewing.

However, if legibility is the most important thing for your company, and you don’t really need a welcoming color scheme, you can use whichever colors suit your purpose better.

3. No Funky Fonts

Choosing funky fonts for student and employee ID cards is usually not desirable. The fonts create an impression, and you should be careful about choosing them. A simple and legible font is mostly preferred.

However, if you are a start-up or a new generation company that wants to put out a ‘fresh’ brand image, a slightly funky font for your employee ID cards, may serve you better.

4. Avoid Using Straight Lines

Your ID card works on straight lines. Both the card itself and the photo are rectangular, so adding a little curvature to your font, reduces the monotony of a straight ID card. This is applicable to employee ID cards, student IDs, and even your visitor and temporary ID cards.

Just remember these points to design the best ID card to suit your needs.


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