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5 Things You Can Do to Welcome a New Employee

Summary: Here are five things that will help you in welcoming a new member into a team.

The wise men say that work is a spiritual necessity, even though for some people, it may not be a financial requirement. People are excited when they enter the workplace on the first day of their work. As an employer, you must work on some aspects before a new employee steps into your office so that they feel special.

Build a culture that celebrates people that are working for you. Do not forget that your staff is going to spend most of their time in the office.
Even a simple thing such as a satin lanyard over the identity card can make a significant difference in the person who is going to work for you. Hence, you need to take care in ensuring that the quality of these materials is high.

But, that is not all that you should plan on doing, here are some fantastic tips that will help you in making the first day of an employee special:

Send a Welcome Announcement

Now, this is one of the first things that you need to do before an employee starts his work. Plan to send a welcome announcement in the following format so that all the employees know who is joining:

• Name of the employee
• Position/Title that they are going to work in
• Department they are going to be part of
• Hobbies that the person has and favorite foods

Doing this will help the department where this person is working to welcome them warmly. Others can check on things that they have in common to build their relationship.

Prepare Their Cabin / Space

Now, this is the second thing that is crucial for you to plan before an employee walks into the building. Speak with the materials manager to ensure that there is a computer or a laptop in place. Also, check with the facilities or admin manager to ensure that they allocate space for the new member of your team. These are simple things that will ensure that there is no confusion or inconvenience when the new employee walks into the office.

Give Welcome Gift

Some companies want to celebrate the moment when an employee enters their workspace. They give them somethings such as a t-shirt, or a coffee mug with the company's logo on it, apart from arranging an ID card with a satin lanyard. Some employers go the extra mile as they also give away a map with information such as the best restaurants, coffee shops in and around the office.

Assign a Mentor

Lastly, if you want the new employee to develop sufficient skills to become efficient, you might want to assign them a mentor.

Plan on an Interesting Activity

It might be appropriate if you want the new employee to feel welcome and part of the team. Plan on doing one of the three things:

• Take your team to a popular local eatery
• Throw a party after the work hours to celebrate the new addition to your team
• Plan on a team potluck which allows each member of your team to bring in their favorite dish


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