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How a Lanyard Helps Carve Brand Identities

Photo identification is becoming increasingly important for companies around the world. Employees need to carry their ID cards all the time, and this has led to a huge demand for lanyards. A lanyard is capable of holding ID cards, badges, and sometimes keys as well without getting attached to clothing. It is a soft and stylish cord or strap to hold the ID card, whether at a company or at a trade show.

Where are lanyards used?

You can choose the most appropriate custom lanyard as per your exact requirement. Here are its different uses:

1) Satin lanyards are helpful for customization, involving highly detailed graphics and high color pictures

2) Event access badges for short term uses such as conferences will have lightweight lanyards with split key ring attachments for badge pouches

3) Sturdy lanyards help to hold keys and ID tags since they are available with detachable clips and safety breakaways

4) Staff members such as security guards who work in low light areas are given reflective lanyards

All types of lanyards are suitable for college students and staff members, as well as for concert and event staffs. Custom lanyards are highly suitable promotional items due to their high visibility and low cost. These useful and practical products can be shown to reflect a company’s brand logo, thereby helping people gain access into restricted areas.

History of lanyards

It is simple to equate lanyards with ubiquitous necklaces, but you may be surprised to hear about their versatility back in the 15th century. At that time, the French military made use of lanyards in order to attach whistles and weapons such as swords, knives or pistols to their uniforms, to reach these items easily. The word “lanyards,” is derived from the old French term “lanière,” which means “to strap” or “strap”.

Many years ago, sailors used lanyards made from ropes, with the aim of loosening or tightening the rigs of their ships. Lanyards were also helpful then in carrying different tools while they scaled riggings, thereby allowing them to use both hands to climb and repair or adjust the sails.

Lanyards as camping gear

Those who venture outside are major users of lanyards. Much like the sailors of yore, they have to carry a variety of items with them till the camp or during a hike. Some of the items include flash lights, emergency beacons, pocket knives, lighters, portable cookware, and food containers. Lanyards made of nylon are necessary here as they have to be made from strong materials. Paracord lanyards can be unraveled for use during climbs.

These days, you would find most lanyards dangling from pockets, but that was not how they were originally meant to be. They were meant to be hung around the neck in the beginning, and its extra twist would make the strap remain flat on your chest, thereby making your ID card easily visible.

It is important to add a word of caution here. Lanyards have the tendency to catch moving or fixed objects, and can be dangerous around the neck. Safety medications in the form of plastic clip or breakaway Velcro-type fasteners are available.


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