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2011 Media Expo Participation

his is the first time we participated in the Expo and, for us, the response has been tremendous. This is the perfect platform for players to exhibit at as there were visitors from various segments of the industry. We are glad to be a part of this event, and we are positive about our participation next year.

This mex- medai expo 2011 looks great as it continues to grow at the pace of the development in the media promotion & packaging sector in india and the interest shown by our partners.

Our ambition is to increase the visibility of our companies with their partners.

mex- Set up in the year 2002 in New Delhi, Mex Exhibitions Pvt Ltd is India's primary exhibition company, and has hosted numerous trade shows at both national and international levels. Going strong for over three decades in the advertising industry, with over 6 years into trade events, the organization believes in cultivating pioneering ideas and solutions; and boasts the novelty of all their events. Owing to their great organizational skills and attention for even the minutest details, Mex Exhibitions Pvt Ltd has delivered over 30 successful trade exhibitions and has constantly made sure that their trade fairs and events are a true achievement, Some of the gala events and trade fairs that have been successfully handled by the company are Giftsworld Expo, Money Expo, Money Expo and many more. By creating the right channel, the company creates potential opportunities for getting quality visitors to these events, thereby ensuring that their client's requirements are met.


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