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Luggage Tag

Save your luggage from being misplaced by using luggage tags. Luggage tags are always made to be durable due to their rough usage. We are known for our high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant luggage tags and baggage labels. Made of PVC plastic, our luggage tags are compact and have rounded corners.

These tags are customizable, with design, branding and other specifications tailored according to your needs. We can even create a personalized luggage tag for you, with your photo, quotes or punch lines. Choose your desired design and make sure that your luggage stays safe.

Enhance The Security of Your Luggage Using Luggage Tags

Protect your luggage from theft or misplacement by using luggage tags. At EK Print, we offer luggage tags that can stand the test of time. Here are some of the distinctive features of the products that are part of our luggage tag collection:

  • weather resistant
  • highly durable
  • made from PC plastic, these tags are compact
  • rounded corners


What Makes Our Luggage Tags Special?

Here are some of the distinctive features of the products available in our luggage tag range:

  • Tailor made as per your need.
  • They are personalized with quotes, photos or punch lines



At EK Print, we design luggage tags with precision using PVC plastic material. Each of these tags come with a rubber tag attachment.


Material : PVC Plastic

Printing : Both Side Printed Multicolor 

Final Card Size :  86 x 54 mm    I    Written matter  Area : 80 x 50 mm    I    Bleed Area : 88x58 mm

Cutting:  Round Corner

Thickness :  760 Microns             

Finish : Gloss

Production Time : 3-5 Working Days

Attachment: Rubber Tag

Color of  Rubber Tag

For any kind of assistance call : 011-47458822 or email : info@ekprint.in


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