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moa printing

As a company, one of the most important documents to draft is the Memorandum of Association (MOA). It is an important legal document that holds information pertaining to the company such as the company name, name of its members, number of shares held by its members and the address of its registered office.

Acting as a constitution for the company, it is of utmost importance that this document is printed correctly. We keep this in mind by offering you a simple online solution to print your company MOA.

While uploading your MOA, AOA and Certificate of Registration, make a note of the number of pages, ensuring to include 4 blank pages as well.

Are You Searching For MoA Printing Services Provider?

A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is one of the most vital documents since it carries crucial details of a company. At EK Print, we are aware of the importance of this document. Therefore, we offer a hassle-free solution to those looking for MoA printing services. Some of the distinctive features of our MoA printing services are:

  • Use of high-quality paper and materials, ink and coatings to ensure your Memorandum of Association looks presentable
  • We offer ready to use print designs to enable you to finalize your design promptly
  • We use the latest printing technologies for MoA printing
  • Convert existing designs and layouts to a web-based MoA printing format 



As a leading MoA printing services provider, we ensure that the name of your company, members, the number of shares they hold and the registered office is mentioned in our printed document with clarity. Therefore, to get tailor-made MoA printing services, you can count on us.


Size : A4 / Letter size (8.5x11 inches)

Printing:  Black & white

Paper inside:  80 gsm white both side printed

Cover paper: 0n 90/100 gsm color paper cream/green any of them

Production time: 4-6 working days 


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