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screen printed gold coin card

Blister PVC Coin cards are trendy yet elegant and make for an excellent branding and marketing collateral. With Ekprint, you can customize these cards by adding your name, logo, quote, address, etc.

Choose from a variety of our innovative design templates or upload your own. We screen print these cards on PVC Blister cards with self-adhesive.


Material : PVC Blister Card with Self Adhesive 

Printing : Screen Printed in Maximum 3 Color 

Card Size : 86 mm x 54 mm

Thickness : 400+400 Micron

Tamper Proof: (Optional feature) for the protection of card

Security print or pattern (as shown in pics) will be totally transferred to each blister card if card is attempted to open, hidden messages like  seal open, null, void, security seal or any personal message will appear immediately. This irreversible modification provides evidence of tampering.

According to their weight, we offer cards in the following sizes: 

0.500 mg = 17x17 mm 

1 gm = 17x17 mm

2 gm = 20x20 mm

4 gm = 25x25 mm

5gm = 25x25 mm

8 gm = 29x29 mm 

10 gm = 30.5x30.5 mm

For any kind of assistance call : 011-47458822 or email : info@ekprint.in


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